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NAC International Establishes Canadian Subsidiary, Acquires Assets of Niagara Energy Products

We are excited to share with the OCNI community that Niagara Energy Products (NEP) [www.niagaraenergyproducts.com] has been in discussion with NAC International Inc. (NAC)
[www.nacintl.com], about the full control and asset purchase of NEP. The transaction has now been successfully completed with the formation of a Canadian subsidiary Niagara Energy Products Inc. (NEP Inc.). NEP Inc. shall continue to trade as NEP in its established markets using its current product portfolio
and legacy trademarks.

You can be assured of continuity of business with NEP Inc. an established supplier in the spent fuel, high, medium and low level nuclear waste container market and a manufacturer of nuclear grade, primary pressure boundary components. NEP Inc. shall now offer integrated nuclear waste management solutions that are safe, reliable, dependable, and economical to assist our customers to succeed in their tactical and long-term objectives.

NEP Inc. and NAC stand ready to respond to any further questions you may have and these can be directed to our new President who looks forward to growing this established business post acquisition. For clarity, Patriot Forge (Canada’s largest open die forging house) is not part of the transaction. The Dimitrieff family will continue to own Patriot Forge, and Patriot will remain one of NEP Inc.’s trusted suppliers. NEP-Precision (the precision machining arm of NEP Inc.) shall continue to operate on the Patriot site in Brantford.

Antony (Tony) Morris, President.
Niagara Energy Products Inc.

Read the full Press Release here