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Community Check-In: Tri-County Update

Updates as we lead into the new norm!

As we round out to the end of summer, we look back on the past few months of having lived through a pandemic.  We ask ourselves what really is the new norm? Will this be the way of life forever or might things go back to the way they were before?  Do we simply embrace the new norm, while yes we must ?.  Let’s sit back and remind ourselves of how thankful we are to be able to reflect on the moments that matter most.  Regardless of what all the feels are weather they be excitement, scared, grounding, positive or negative, come September we all are on a path together, another journey into our new norm! 

Local Supply Chain Support

Some exciting opportunities are coming my way as I look to assist and facilitate the creation and growth of the Local Supply Chain at New Brunswick Power and CNL (Chalk River)!  Enabling integration, diversification and retention of suppliers into both regions, engagement of local community organizations, facilitating and empowering relationships among Suppliers and Indigenous Communities as well as developing partnerships and dialogue among local educational bodies with a focus on Skilled Trades and STEAM.  Exciting stuff as we look to expand OCNI’s journey throughout Canada.  If you have any questions, want to know more about this new initiative or the opportunities that are in New Brunswick and Chalk River, please feel free to email me at alison.fernandes@ocni.ca, would love to chat!

OCNI Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Me (Alison Fernandes) and my colleagues Nav Dhaliwal and Sarina Harrison at the 2020 OCNI Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us for our Annual Charity Gold Tournament! Our foursomes were all sold out, thank you to all that are participating!  For anyone who missed this great opportunity to network while following social distancing protocols…

We are introducing a second Golf Tournament in Bruce County on October 1, 2020!

[Click Here for more details]

All In Ontario Challenge

As I sign off, one last reminder to check out the All in Ontario Challenge!!  Go to https://www.gbhstrong.com/all-in-ontario-challenge or download the GBH Strong Ap to access the digital fundraising effort that helps to support the local community and those who have been impacted by COVID-19 in in the Tri-County Region with all proceeds going to the United Way of Grey Bruce and Huron Perth.  There are some awesome items to bid on as well as many great experiences and packages we are sure you will love!