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CriticalPoint Capital purchased AECOM Power E&C, Inc. and AECOM Canada Nuclear Operations Inc. in October 2020 and rebranded the companies as United E&C, Inc. (United) and Allied Canada Nuclear Operations Inc. (ACNO)

Editor’s Note: In October 2020, AECOM announced the sale of its power construction business unit, AECOM Power E&C, Inc. and its Canadian operating unit, AECOM Canada Nuclear Operations, Inc. (ACNO) to CriticalPoint Capital (CPC), a private equity investment firm, and its rebranding as United E&C, Inc. (United). CPC also owns Imperia Engineering Partners, whose legacy companies include Altran Group, a commercial nuclear power engineering firm, and Stratus Engineering Associates, which specialized in transmission and distribution. We asked United Associate Vice President Doug Brophy about the transaction.

A Word From Doug

Doug Brophy, a longtime OCNI member and nuclear power business development executive in Canada, will now be the Associate Vice President, Business Development for United and a director of ACNO.

“My role is essentially the same,” said Brophy. “United is moving forward as a standalone company with the same resources, tools and experience as before. That will bring some advantages to our Canadian clients because there is a flexibility and a customer focus in standalone companies that’s different from what a subsidiary of a large corporation can deliver.

“I’ll continue to work with our key clients in Canada and manage the relationships we have established with the Canadian nuclear industry.”

Why did AECOM divest its power construction business unit?

AECOM divested the Power construction business unit as part of its previously announced plan to exit its self-perform construction businesses to focus on its core portfolio as a professional services business.

What will change with this transaction?

It’s good news for our clients. United will operate in the same markets as a standalone engineering and construction company with the same team, capabilities and service offerings. We will leverage our deep heritage, legacy and culture to serve our clients. Our standalone status will, I believe, enable an even greater focus on customers and their needs.

We have also made a slight name change in our Canadian commercial nuclear power organization. AECOM Canada Nuclear Operations, Inc. will now be known as Allied Canada Nuclear Operations, Inc. We did this because ACNO has become a familiar and trusted name for our nuclear clients in Canada.

What will your relationship be with the other AECOM units in Canada?

We have always had a collaborative relationship with AECOM Canada and other AECOM units. We expect that to continue in the future. Where we can add value to each other’s business offerings or combine to execute a client’s program efficiently and cost-effectively, we will. The leaders of AECOM and United both envision joint venture or subcontracting relationships where they provide value to our clients.

What do you see as the new advantages of United?

All the nuclear engineering, procurement and construction expertise that was part of AECOM now resides in United and, therefore, our capabilities have been unaffected by the transaction.  We bring to the marketplace a large resume of nuclear power plant work across North America. United and its legacy companies have more than 70 years of commercial nuclear experience as the engineer or constructor of 51 nuclear units and large component replacement projects at 34 units. In recent years, as the nuclear market has shifted to life extension and maintenance and modifications, we have put that construction experience to good use by creating and executing solutions based on an in-depth knowledge of how plants operate because we built so many of them. That same team and that same market knowledge is carried forward by United. In addition, as a standalone, we have a new ability to focus on our clients and on the solutions that will achieve their objectives.

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