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Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion is a key core value at OCNI. Staff are encouraged to foster and encourage diverse perspectives, opportunities, and challenges in an equal and equitable manner. Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion is not the thing to do, it is just an inherent part of what we do. Diverse organizations are more innovative, more resilient, and much more adaptable.

OCNI looks beyond our own walls and is working with the nuclear supply chain to build a diverse and inclusive workforce and space. #EqualityforAll


This list is in now way comprehensive, there are many groups in our sector and throughout Canada and around the world that are doing good work in the D+I space. We encourage all OCNI members and the broader sector to work with your internal teams to create safe spaces and encourage conversations.

  • D+I series of events
  • Blog with Resources
  • Will provide more in time

Diversity & Inclusion Webinar Series

Town Hall: Gender Representation ≠ Gender Equality

Join OCNI as we discuss this and more on Friday, August 14 in the next session of our Diversity + Inclusion series “Gender Representation  Gender Equality”.  

Date: August 14, 2020
1:00 pm EDT

[Watch Recording Here]


  • Lisa McBride, President, Women in Nuclear – Canada
  • Elizabeth Buckmaster, Client and Stakeholder Relations Manager, Power, Hatch and Chair, OCNI’s Equal by 30 Committee
  • Alexandria Anderson, Stakeholder Relations Officer, Ontario Power Generation  

OCNI Town Hall: Diversity & Inclusion in the Nuclear Sector

Date: July 24th, 2020 10:00am EDT

[Watch Recording Here]

Speakers: -Lisa McBride, President, WIN -Surrana Sandy, CEO, Skills for Change -Laura Machan, LHH Knightsbridge