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*Important: Please note, the portal is optimized for use in the Google chrome browser. We have received reports of difficulty accessing the portal with Microsoft edge browser.*

Hi Everyone – Alisha here with a quick intro for our brand new Secure Member Portal!

The portal provides security and efficiency for you, our members, and our internal team. The portal serves a few different purposes, but for me personally, the most important features are three-fold:

  1. Giving members self-serve access to their business listing & active member participants.
    All members must be aware by now what a tedious process updating their business listing every year has been. Now members will be able to do this with a few clicks instead of multiple emails and forms and revisions.
  2. 3 systems – 1 login
    While we are still getting up to full functionality – eventually all revenue (membership & event) will bi-directionally through the portal and our accounting software. This will make transactions easier and more secure for all members & friends of OCNI.
  3. Secure Member Area
    We will now be able to upload digital assets that only members can access, such as video recordings, not-for-public reports, supplier match-making etc.

There are many other functions like the voting in the upcoming Board Elections, supplier networking and the soon to be debuted member affinity program!

Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the new Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries member portal! Here you’ll be able to manage your member and company profile, renew your membership, register for events, and much more! 

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with your membership profile (please ensure your information is up to date) and explore all the functions available to you.

This simple easy to use quick start guide will get you online and using the portal in no time. If you have any issues logging in reach out to OCNI staff at hello@ocni.ca and we will be happy to help you.

  1. Logging in – Visit https://ocni.member365.ca/sharingnetwork/ and use your credentials to get immediate access. You should have received an email from “OCNI Office” on October 10, 2020 (check your spam)
  1. How to see your directory listing:

Once logged in, click on “Directory” in the top menu, and then select “Business Directory”. Navigate through to your listing. The public listing can be found  on our website

  1. Need to update your listing?

Once logged in click on my account > my profile. Here you can change your contact information, organization information, password, and  business directory profile (this is what appears on the OCNI.ca website)

  1. Want to attend an event? Buy a ticket? Pay for a sponsorship?

Once logged in, click on events > event calendar. Select the event you wish to attend, select what you wish to purchase and fill out the corresponding form. Tip: you can select “list view” in the top right corner if you prefer.

  1. Looking for members only video content

Once logged in click on Video Library and select the video you wish to watch.