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Mission & Vision

OCNI Charter

The objectives and purpose of OCNI are to promote a robust nuclear power industry in Canada to benefit its members.


OCNI’s vision is to drive and strengthen a thriving Canadian nuclear supply chain through innovation and leadership.


OCNI’s mission is to deliver value to our members through programs and initiatives that support success in the domestic and international nuclear markets.


OCNI’s corporate values are:

  • RESPONSIBLE: We are accountable, transparent, and genuine in all our communications and dealings with each other, our members, supporters and those associated with the industry.
  • COMMITMENT: We are committed to the growth and development of the Canadian Nuclear sector, suppliers, members and each other.
  • INCLUSIVE: We foster and encourage diverse perspectives, opportunities and challenges in an equal and equitable manner.
  • SERVICE: We strive for excellence by maintaining and enhancing our own knowledge and skills, by encouraging the professional development of co-workers, and by fostering member growth.
  • CHAMPION: We encourage good governance and social responsibility.

Strategic Focus

The OCNI Board of Directors and staff work together annually to build the annual business plan. During this strategic planning session, the Strategic Focus of OCNI looks at:

  • CONNECTION: OCNI creates and maintains strong linkages among members and customers that lead to contracts for members.
  • CAPABILITY/CAPACITY: OCNI organizes workshops to address both technical and process issues that help member companies understand and acquire the skills and quality programs demanded by utility customers, the national nuclear laboratory and EPC contractors.
  • LOCAL + GLOBAL REACH: OCNI supports member companies in offshore markets by providing market updates and leading trade missions to strategic target markets with high growth potential.
  • ADVOCACY: OCNI works directly and with partners to create a more positive overall climate for the Nuclear Supply Chain sector in Canada.
  • REVENUE + INCOME: OCNI works to ensure a robust revenue stream to enable mission execution while balancing all strategic focus areas.