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Why Join OCNI?

The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) is the leading and trusted voice of the Canadian nuclear supply chain, actively promoting safe, clean, and reliable nuclear electricity. Becoming a member of OCNI makes you part of a select group of members who are shaping the supply chain for nuclear energy in Canada and abroad. Membership benefits include access to the latest research and publications, special awards, and recognition, and more.


OCNI Membership Levels

OCNI offers four classifications of membership:

  1. Full Members are companies who are a supplier, or potential supplier, of goods or services to the Canadian nuclear industry and who are not controlled or subsidized by a Governmental Authority and having a permanent establishment in Canada.
  2. Supporting Members are organizations with an indirect interest in the Canadian nuclear industry such as business alliances, support services, training and educational institutes and other not-for-profit nuclear adjacent companies.
  3. International Supporting Members are a supplier, or potential supplier, of goods or services to the Canadian nuclear industry and have permanent, verifiable addresses outside of Canada.
  4. Individual Members can be students, researchers, government officials  from Canada or abroad with a vested interest in the Canadian nuclear industry. 

For more information about our membership or to request a membership package, please contact Sarina Harrison at sarina.harrison@ocni.ca or 905-492-8989.


Benefits of OCNI Membership

Universal benefits for all classification of Members include:

  • Access to member rates at all events and trade shows (in person and virtual)
  • Discounted rates for partner events
  • Eligibility to display at OCNI managed trade shows (domestic and international)
  • Company listing in OCNI’s online searchable directory with a direct link to company website
  • Highlight on member spotlight on front page (editorial calendar is based on join or renewal date)
  • Use of OCNI’s logo on company website listed as a “member of OCNI”
  • Members exclusive information available through our President’s Reports
  • Monthly newsletters and industry updates
  • Eligible to access federal government funding (GOA) for approved international missions
  • Complimentary access to the OCNI offices in Pickering for industry meetings
  • An opportunity for active members to participate in post-board meeting conference calls to provide feedback on current issues and activities
  • Access to the electronic version of the annual Members Directory, a valuable reference and networking resource
  • Ability to sit on OCNI Operational committees and shape the future of the organization
  • 24/7-365 access to the members portal including the soon to be launched Job Board.

Full members also receive

  • Participation in OCNI advocacy programs
  • Full profile in OCNI’s print supplier directory sent to all members annually

[Download the current OCNI Member Benefit Flyer]