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Indigenous Engagement

OCNI Commitment to Positive and Progressive Indigenous Relations

OCNI is committed to developing positive and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities and implementing an Indigenous relations strategy that aligns with OCNI values of integrity and transparency, and OCNI by-laws and Governance Policies.

OCNI will:

• Develop our internal knowledge and understanding of Indigenous history and contemporary issues;

• Establish strategies in key areas such as corporate leadership responsibilities, Indigenous employment, economic and business development, Community relationships, and employee education;

• Engage with Indigenous communities to develop long-term relationships based on trust, respect, open communication, and mutual benefit;

• Uphold organizational practices that support Indigenous staff development, and promote an inclusive work environment;

• Explore new business opportunities, including partnerships with and procurement from Indigenous businesses.

OCNI recognizes that genuine engagement with Indigenous peoples necessitates consistent and unwavering efforts, dedication, and commitment. In alignment with that, we are committed to continuously engaging with Indigenous communities, peoples, and organizations to foster mutually beneficial relationships. We are resolved to the ongoing advancement of our Indigenous engagement program, and we will persistently strive for excellence in this field.

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