Elections Process

OCNI Board of Directors Elections

Representatives from OCNI’s Full Member companies in good standing will select candidates in the coming weeks to serve on the OCNI Board of Directors for three-year terms. Participation on the OCNI Board of Directors is a unique opportunity for individuals of OCNI Full Member companies in good standing to provide oversight to Canada’s nuclear supply chain association in building a stronger nuclear industry. Board participation also presents an opportunity for individuals to grow personally and professionally and to develop skills, experience, and connections with a team of other passionate and motivated individuals.  

There are 15 seats on the OCNI Board. In this year’s voting process, five (5) Director positions will be filled. 

Important Dates

  • September 4 – 25, 2024: Registration and candidate application packages to be submitted
  • October 1 – 15, 2024: Campaign period
  • October 15, 2024: Midnight, all campaigning by candidates must cease
  • October 16 – November 1, 2024: Voting period  
  • November 4, 2024: Votes tallied and provided to Committee Chair 
  • November 6 – 10, 2024: Committee chair will inform all candidates of outcome of elections and next steps
  • December 10, 2024: Elected candidates will be presented to the membership for ratification at the OCNI AGM

Voting Process for Primary (Voting) Members

View Candidate Information

For each candidate, OCNI publishes the unedited responses to the non-confidential nomination form. Once available (September 26), view candidate profiles here. Candidate profiles are on the OCNI website. Each candidate has provided a biography/resume and was asked to provide any campaign messaging that they wished to convey to the membership about their interest in the position, what they will strive to accomplish, and how their abilities will serve to strengthen the Board. This information can be found by clicking ‘Campaign Materials’ next to their name.

Eligibility to Vote

To be eligible to vote in OCNI Elections, each OCNI Full Member must designate one voting contact with a valid OCNI member portal account and must be a General Member in good standing at the time voting opens.  Login to the OCNI member portal or contact Ruth Puckrin (accounting@ocni.ca) to find out who from your organization is eligible to vote. Please note you must be registered to vote by October 15, 2024.


The voting contact for each OCNI member organization must have a valid OCNI member portal account to be eligible to vote in OCNI Elections.  

  1. On any OCNI web page, click on Member Portal between October 16 and November 1, 2024.
  2. Click on the “Vote Now” badge on your dashboard (mid page on the right, if you have multiple badges you may have to scroll right to find this badge).
  3. You must select a slate (five, unique) candidates, one per drop down. Any ballots with an incomplete slate or one where candidate selection is not unique will be rejected in the backend of the voting system. As ballots are secret; OCNI will be unable to open voting up again for you to re-select your slate, and your vote will be considered spoiled. 
  4. A vote confirmation page will appear after submission. Please note that once a ballot has been cast, under no circumstances can a ballot be altered.