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Nominations Deadline:

Friday, November 13, 2020

The OCNI Supplier Excellence Awards are the highest recognition the Association can give to its members.  Each OCNI member plays an important part in the integrity and success of the program by identifying and nominating deserving candidates for the various awards.

OCNI full members are invited to nominate deserving fellow members and others for awards to be presented at the OCNI Virtual AGM on Thursday, November 26, 2020. There are several awards to be considered that are described below.  All nominations shall meet the eligibility criteria of the awards listed below.  Submit the nominations no later than 4:00 p.m. ET via e-mail to Sarina Harrison (sarina.harrison@ocni.ca).

Balance means Business Award

This award will honour an individual (person, team or department) that has demonstrated a deep and sustained commitment to advancing gender equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) throughout their career, and recognizes an outstanding individual (person, team or department)  who has used their voice to make their organization and the supply chain a more equitable and inclusive space

2019 Award presented to: Heather Kleb, Department Manager, Operations Regulatory Affairs, Bruce Power for helping the nuclear industry to advance gender equality and for being a leader in demonstrating the value of gender diversity in enhancing business excellence through her work with Women in Nuclear – Canada.


  • Deep and sustained record of professional involvement in activities that promote gender equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the supply chain
  • Demonstration of active engagement in advocacy for, and advancing of, gender EDI
  • Reputation for using voice to take a stand on critical issues related to gender EDI
  • Can be a person, a team, a department or an organization whose work has served as a role model/best practice, breaks barriers, and helps facilitate employment, opportunities and access for others from diverse backgrounds

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award recognizes and celebrates innovation in the Canadian nuclear supply chain. Any ONCI full member is eligible for this award. Because this award is industry rather than individual focused, it is conceivable that a member could nominate themselves.

The innovation could be a process, product, service, technology, etc. The innovation should have been shown to drive growth or achieve a leadership position in the industry and the nomination should provide evidence of its successful implementation and the results.

2019 Award presented to: Worldwide Security for developing innovative wireless communications and establishing a new performance standard for in vault communications for the Canadian nuclear industry.


  • Degree of Innovation which may be assessed as the innovativeness of the delivery of the product/service; the approach and solution to a challenge; a new product, service, process or technology; the implementation, organization or model underpinning the solution/program/service/etc..
  • The potential to create impact on the supply chain and the greater community
  • The likeliness that the idea/innovation can be sustained and have significant, long-lasting and increasing impact; the idea/innovation can be scaled or applied to other communities
  • The creativity of an adaptation of an innovation or an original innovation
  • The innovation should not be more than three years old, but must have been in existence long enough to have been tested to meet the criteria

Export Award

The OCNI Export Award recognizes and honors OCNI member companies engaged in international business who have achieved sustainable growth through innovation and commitment. This award applauds significant export sales revenues or a successful move into challenging new export markets for its products or services.

2019 Award presented to: Liburdi Automation Inc. for delivering world
leading nuclear products and services to customers in China, Korea, France, Italy, Poland, Israel and other Countries.


  • Viability of the business, its product/service and how successful the company’s exports/international business activities have been this year
  • Nominations must clearly state what the export/international successes have been for the current year
  • Indicate what the competitive edge of your product/service is in the marketplace
  • If export is e-Commerce based, please provide details on innovations in tools used, online marketing strategy, customer engagement and fulfillment

Service Excellence Award

This award recognizes an OCNI company that has demonstrated consistent commitment to providing top-quality customer service and who rise up and exceed customer or client expectations.

2019 Award presented to: Alithya for consistently exceeding customer
expectations and building a distinguished reputation based on track record of
solutions for customers in the nuclear energy sector.


  • Commitment to exceptional service standards that consistently exceed customer/client expectations
  • Proficiency in meeting or exceeding the changing needs of customers/clients
  • Preservation of high service standards through effective staff/team training and development
  • Extends community support above and beyond their business or professional responsibilities